William Rast

William Rast

Clothing by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala

The clothing line that has previously been linked with premium denim and t-shirts has since grown into a full lifestyle collection.

Published - 06 January 2011

William Rast

William Rast clothing by Justin Timberlake and long time friend Trace Ayala.


WR label presented for the first time in New York recently and quickly became the hottest event in town.


The label was created in 2005 with mainly premium denim and t-shirts but has since grown into a full lifestyle collection that reflects Justin and Trace’s Tennessee routes with a little bit of a city edge. The name William Rast is a combination of both Justin and Trace’s grandfathers’ names.


Justin and Trace have recently brought on the expert knowledge of Johan and Marcella Lindeberg, of J.Lindeberg, as the collections head designers to interpret their vision.


View the clip below to see snippets from the fashion show and interviews with attendees.






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Julie Ann Kirby


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