Man Whispers:

Man Whispers:

One to Watch-Andres Pompilio

Whispered by The Clothes Whisperer

Published - 06 July 2011

Man Whispers:

One to Watch-Andres Pompilio

Whispered by The Clothes Whisperer




On my last showless day in Milan, my gracious hostess the lovely Delphine took me round the showroom of Italian up-and-comer Andrea Pompilio, winner of this year's prestigious What's On Next Awards. Andrea himself took us round the showroom where the second season of his menswear label, an aesthetic that Delphine described as "preppy dirty," was on display.



A gorgeously crafted and very contemporary collection, Andrea Pompilio's clothes are of the sort that men want to wear and their women want them to wear them too (if not pinch a few items for oneself, a slouchy oversized cable knit here, an uber fine jersey jumper there). Kind of the masculine answer to an Isabel Marant or Rag N' Bone, that contemporary customer who's all about a relaxed everyday kind of luxury and style.



Tim Blanks himself even dropped by the young designer's presentation, scooping up a few printed shirts for himself, a surefire sign that Pompilio has his finger right on the zeitgeist at its most pertinent. But to call Andrea a young designer is a bit misleading, and I should rectify that. Far from it, Andrea has a CV that would be the envy of any aspiring label launcher, having worked as a designer for thirteen years for the likes of Alessandro Dell’ Acqua, Prada, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Bally.



His background is solid, and it shows in his handling of cut, print and fabric-there is nothing amateur about his range and his production is of the highest quality, on par with (and produced in the same factories as) his previous employers. The details are what sets him apart, a bit of lining peeking out the bottom of a short to mimic the boxer-slip, a contrasting color lining the underside of a blazer collar, a special hand-stitched detail on a tee.



I've also chosen to include his show press release in full below, as I just found it as quirky and innovative as his collection--a great summary, by showing you instead of telling you, of what the Andrea Pompilio man (and his fabulous lifestyle) is all about...



6:00 pm: Leaving Rio de Janeiro to Milan. On board, safely seated.


A few hours later: just landed but in Manila, a sleeping pill side effect?


12:00 pm: I am under a tropical heat storm with my double-breasted blazer in pieces. Going through customs, people are starring and laughing at me – it must be the stripe boxer shorts coming out of my Bermuda pants or maybe the shoes?


12:50 pm: I just passed security check – conclusion: must change outfit.

Off jacket and shirt – totally destroyed – left is my transparent wool-gauze tank top. Need a quick fix… One option: the multi-pocket linen shirt.


1:40 pm: Exhausted I collapse at the hotel, it is definitely too hot.


4:00 pm... Already! What I am supposed to wear? A Hawaiian inspired shirt seems “ de rigueur” and pairs well with my denim oversized Bermuda shorts. Oversized? It is a light word to qualify a Manila version of my cropped pants.

Out & about, I feel like entering a “vintage” local shop that sells military uniforms from by-gone days. Just in, I get caught in the coils of a parka in an undefined colour. It's hot but just what I need to face a sudden tropical rainstorm. Pull the string, on the hood and out. God save the parka!


6:00 pm: Back at the hotel, I pack my excess baggage: a double-breasted blazer in pieces and the wet dripping parka; I slip into a pair of track pants, too hot – scissors please! On top of my last-minute made-to-measure shorts: a tee and a matching sweatshirt. Ready for a taxi ride: “ Hey, Cab!”

Next thing I know... I am safely seated in a plane, hopefully the good one this time. Good night and good luck!


8:30 am: Milan – for real this time. In a taxi driving towards the centre of the city. Milan Menswear Fashion Week starts today. Hotel check-in, a cold-back-to-reality shower, here I stand in a white linen shirt covered by a two button blue blazer matching with some skinny chinos. Not sure if the picture is right, but the outfit and the city are.

A look at the time, a check in my diary… Guess what? I am late! My first and next show is Andrea Pompilio.... But who the hell is this Andrea Pompilio?






































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Kristin Knox

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