Marvie Yap

Marvie Yap
Marvie Yap is a lady of many talents.
She describes herself as 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Filipino, a coffee lover, a guitarist, a singer, loves the beach scene, but can't swim, a full time Software QA Engineer , a photographer on the weekends, a make-up artist, an excellent cook, a keen observer, a passionate soul, crazy about green leafy vegetables to name a few.
Most importantly Marvie is the creator of the amazing blog lekkericious.

Lekkericious - the Homemaker's Shack is focused on easy, stress-free home style cooking, designed for busy homemakers who always run out of food ideas to serve. But then, homemakers aren't just about cooking.

So I decided to write ideas on just about anything and everything I think is useful to homemakers.
Let's talk about an empowered homemaker's lifestyle, the ups and downs, boredom and excitement of being one. Tackle obstacles, frustrations, hardships and ways to overcome them in your journey to fulfilling this role.

Let's talk about house keeping tips and tricks, self maintenance, bonding activities and romantic ideas - anything that would relate to a life of a homemaker. I hope to not only enrich your kitchen, but also your lifestyle as a fabulous homemaker.

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