Kristin Knox

Kristin Knox
Kristin Knox describes herself as a sardonic and sarcastic, half-Japanese, quarter-Danish, 100% type A-New Yorker-turned-Londoner, academic-turned-fashionista taking her first steps in the outside world beyond the ivory towers with a pint-size Pomeranian tucked in her Louis Vuitton and a bounce in her Margiela-obsessing hopefully Louboutin-shod step.

To the detriment of her bank account and the delight of her wardrobe, she seems to have been blessed with some serious shopping karma.

If there's a sale on, a sample up for grabs or a fab vintage secret depot, don't worry, she'll find it.
Fashion blogger, editrix, stylist and author, there's no place on earth she cannot shop: She speak to fashion and it speaks to her. She also speaks to Pomeranians in the privacy of her own home. Hence, Clothes "Whisperer."

Kristin’s blog "The Clothes Whisperer" is best described by her as; "This blog is not about me glueing ribbons on to my mary janes and hand-ripping up a t-shirt so as to crown myself the next guru of DIY.

Nor is it about who wore what when/pedantic trend analysis/styling tips/oooh-what-am-I-wearing-today. It's about starting a conversation.

To me, fashion is art. And art, be it the Mona Lisa, Paradise Lost or Chanel Couture, is meant to provoke thought,
ignite and quell arguments, provide the mind, body and soul with food for thought."

Kristin started her blog because she feels "the industry takes itself too seriously. Fashion is all about self expression, it's the armor into which we strap ourselves each morning to greet the world: we use it as the first layer of ego, the outermost expression of the self.

If we can't enjoy ourselves, take the piss every now and then and step back once and a while to look at the bigger picture, instead shortening our lives with the long hours, sparse mealtimes, chain smoking and pitiful pay, what is the point?"

Kristin believes that Style is universal and so is conversation - this being said this bloginista will go whence the chic wind blows her...

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