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"Brands are getting close and personal. For shopping places this means it's no longer enough just to shout 'we're here'. There has to be more focus on lifelong relationships with customers."

Ralph Ardill - Founder and Chief Executive of The Brand Experience Consultancy

How do I add my shopping centre?

The portal links to existing shopping centres' websites

But if you don’t have a website for your shopping centre, we can create a bespoke site for you.

Based upon our framework designed specifically for UK shopping centres, our Satellite Sites accommodate the needs and ambitions of the retail market.

Newsletters alert shoppers to sales, events and individual store developments, increasing footfall and raising profiles.

WorldMalls allows shopping centres to reach a targeted, relevant and interested audience.

A portal that communicates the lifestyle and social aspects of mall shopping, WorldMalls brings together the best of the online and mall shopping experiences.

For an example of what your site could look like click here to visit one of our featured malls.

What is included in the Satellite Site subscription?

Up-to-date content

Up-to-date content relevant to your customers, who will be looking not only for information about your centre, but also vouchers, competitions, games and much more.


WorldMalls offers Shopping Centres a platform to publish content about their Malls and have it delivered to a receptive and engaged audience.

Tools and applications for the retail industry to share this common customer base and benefit from their communication.


Our team can provide anything from technical guidance to design and marketing expertise, ensuring your mall gets the best technology available to your market.

Hosting and domain name

We provide you with all the aspects you require to have a successful presence online without the complications.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS that gives you immediate access to an online marketing channel allowing you to flag promotions, offers, news and events to your target market.

As well as keeping your centre details such as parking, facilities, opening hours and events up-to-date.

Mall Directory

We offer a directory of every Shopping Centre in the UK, and growing worldwide.

Including basic contact information for free.

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