Making things simpler

"Shopping is getting more multi-channel, we have more choice. The quest for simplicity is going to be very highly valued asset for any brand. Why isn't my shopping centre helping me get there better, telling me when to come and where to park?"

Ralph Ardill - Founder and Chief Executive of The Brand Experience Consultancy

Why work with WorldMalls?

Managing your internal needs, such as marketing empty retail space or job opportunities, becomes far simpler and more cost effective.

By creating a portal through which to communicate the lifestyle and social aspects of mall shopping, whilst offering the convenience of important and area specific information, WorldMalls bring together the best of the online and mall shopping experiences.

Why now?

The retail industry in Britain is worth £265 Billion pounds ( Keynote ). The social, ambient and pleasurable aspects of the shopping mall experience is verified by the 1.2 billion annual customers who visit more than 1,200 centers, comprised of an estimated 62,000 retail units.

These malls account for around £165 billion of retail expenditure. However, an increasing percentage of market share has been acquired by online shopping sites.


The downsides of shopping from such sites are well documented, but the compensation for these irritations is deemed to be the convenience of shopping from home, with 15.5% of respondents to a Key Note survey preferring to shop online.

Irrespective of preference, consumers now expect to be able to interact with the retail industry through the web, making an online presence essential.

WorldMalls offers a world of opportunities for UK shopping malls, shoppers and soon for retailers too.

  • A cost effective way to develop, manage and enhance your mall’s website
  • Invaluable trade news, analysis of trends and national statistical reports
  • A content management system (CMS) giving you immediate access to an online marketing channel allowing you to flag promotions, offers, news and events to your target market
  • A team of professionals at the forefront of web development offering online support
  • Design and programming expertise

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