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Who is WorldMalls?

We aim to be the leading online platform for the mall and retail industries.

Helping Mall Managers with vacant real estate and decreasing footfall by providing key marketing and communication tools to a targeted national and international audience.

Harnessing the power of the web to reach and engage existing and potential customers will greatly enhance the mall offering.

A team of greatly experienced and respected professionals with a diverse background.

Our team have worked previously with clients including McAfee, Samsung, HSBC, Shell, Lotus, Nescafe, Lacoste, Tampax, Pantene and Bold, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Alliance Atlantis, Channel 4, Grey Interactive, Lloyds TSB, Pantene, Sony Ericsson.

This project was developed as a way to connect the varied streams of content and communication that surrounds the shopping centre experience.

From managing a mall, to shopping within it, the WorldMalls project aimed to create a platform for communication and collaboration on a co-ordinated scale not seen before within this industry.

Drawing from previous experience in marketing, managing, development and design, the WorldMalls team have delivered an industry standard in campaign and customer relationship management specific for retail and shopping.

Carola Derpsch

CEO (Co-Founder)

The concept of WorldMalls came about as an idea of blending technology and communication to address the direct needs of the retail industry. Derpsch was responsible for conceiving the initial idea, holding the vision during development, and driving the team forward to completion.

As Director and Operations Manager for Internet design and development consultancy Cosma, Derpsch has extensive experience with branding, user interface design, and budgeting for several early-stage web companies. She has a detailed understanding of the retail world representing the British Retail Consortium and Commonwealth Secretariat. Her role at TSO as Partnership Marketing Executive has also provided invaluable experience in client relationship management and new business generation.

David Searle

CTO (Co-Founder)

With over 13 years experience in web site design, development, and deployment, and an in-depth technical knowledge, Searle has been responsible for the construction of the WorldMalls website. A respected technician, he has specialised experience in the key constituent parts of the WorldMalls platform – data capture, database management, forums, blogs, statistical analysis, charity campaign promotion, and multi-lingual web integration.

Naomi Knight

Creative Director

Responsible for making the Worldmalls vision a powerful visual brand presence, Knight has also worked with companies as diverse as Vogue, Sony Ericsson, Lynx and IBM. With a wealth of experience of both digital and print design, Knight has been involved in every stage of the WorldMalls development, from top level branding through to font selection.

Rod Wood

Non-Executive Director

Rod has nearly 20 years experience in managing shopping malls working with Barclays, Aberdeen and Arlington Property Investors and most recently, DTZ Management Services. Wood brings his considerable shopping centre industry knowledge to WorldMalls in addition to his management, marketing and budgeting skills. Managing today’s shopping malls depends largely on accurate and pertinent data, and Woods background in telecommunications and systems which, used to improve shopping mall management and budgeting procedures through continuously updated applications, is essential to the Worldmalls vision.


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